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Impact Testing Machines

The pendulum impact tester model it 30 is designed for conducting Izod, Charpy test. The test methods confirm to BS: 131: Part 4-1972 (amended 15 Aug. 1993) BSEN: 10045-2: 1993 & ASTM:E-23-94A.
The pendulum is mounted on antifriction bearings. It has two starting positions, the upper one for Charpy & the lower one for Izod testing. On release, the pendulum swings down to brake the specimen and the energy absorbed in doing so is measured as the difference between the height of drop before rupture and the height of rise after rupture of the test specimen and is read from the maximum pointer position on the dial scale. (it is read on digital readout in case of electronic machines.)
There are two strikers and one combined support available for lifting in to the pendulum and on to the base of the machine for Izod. , Charpy Test, changing from one striker to another is achieved simply by fixing the new striker into its position.