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    Name of Equipment

LABTOP® Micro controller (PID) based Photo Stability Chamber

    Air Circulation

Chamber blowers to have uniformity of temperature under loaded Condition


Audio Visual Alarm if the temperature deviates from the set Temperature


Stainless Steel perforated trays.


Interior illumination for working area


3” Thick CFC free PUF Insulation.

    Heating System

U shaped S.S. Nichrome wire air heaters

    Observation Door

Inside see through unbreakable acrylic door

    Refrigeration System

Hermetically Sealed CFC Free Emerson Compressor with R- 134a refrigerant having state of art by pass system for continues run of compressor

    Humidity System

Non condensing type steam injection system with water level arrangement with insulation to save heat energy.

    Control System

Precise control of temperature and humidity by using CE Approved micro controller based PID controller (Auto tuning type)

    Validation Port

50 mm validation Port with silicon rubber seal to insert sensors for validation purpose


Works on 230 V AC single phase 50Hz


Castor wheels, MCB, Adjustable Tray Height arrangement. Heavy duty latch with lock & key.

    Safety Features

1. Float switch to cutoff the mains supply in case of low water level in the boiler tank 2. Additional safety thermostat to cut off the boiler system in case of overshoot of temperature 3. 180 Sec. compressor ‘ON’ delay timer to safe guard the compressor.


ISO 9001: 2008 , ISO 13485 : 2012 and CE


LABTOP will provide IQ, OQ, PQ documents with Material Test Certificates and Calibration reports


   Temperature Range

20 to 60° C

   Temperature Accuracy

± 0.2° C

   Temperature Uniformity

± 2° C

   Humidity Range

40% RH to 98% RH

   Humidity Accuracy

± 2% RH.

   Humidity Uniformity

± 3% RH.

  Photo Stability Effect

Fluorescent tubes for day light effect and U.V. tubes for ultra-violet rays in accordance to ICH guidelines requirement of lightning Energy


99 Hrs Programmable Micro Controller Based Cyclic Timer for regulating illumination condition